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SEVENTH INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP “Relaxed, nonlinear and acoustic optical processes and materials” – RNAOPM’2014

Lutsk–Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE


Lesya Ukrayinka Eastern European National University 

 First Announcement 



“Relaxed, nonlinear and acoustic optical processes and materials” – RNAOPM’2014 

In Memoriam: prof. Georgiy Davydyuk 

June 8-12, 2014, Lutsk–Lake “Svityaz’”,UKRAINE 

The Workshop is organized by the Ukrainian Society «Pure and Applied Optics», the Ukrainian Society for Optical Engineering, Ukrainian chapter of SPIE, IEEE, Lesya Ukrayinka Eastern European National University, Vilnius State University, Department of Education and Science of Volyn’ regional State Administration, State fund for fundamental researches of Ukraine, Ukrainian and European Physical Society, Crystallographic Union of Ukraine, Ukrainian Local Section of Optical Society of America, Shevchenko scientific society.

Scientific Program

The objectives of the workshop are to represent and discuss:

  • –        the relaxed optical phenomena, including photochemical and thermochemical, nonlinear optical and acoustic phenomena in condensed matter;
  • –        new materials for relaxed and nonlinear optics and its properties;
  • –        applications these phenomena in technology, industry and education;
  • –        memorial seminar dedicated to 70 anniversary by prof. Davydyuk G.E.;
  • –        Ukrainian-Lithunian seminar of semiconductor physics

The topics to be covered during the scientific session are as follows:

  1. the relaxed optical processes, including photochemical, irreversible and other;
  2. nonlinear and acoustic optical processes;
  3. new materials for optoelectronics;
  4. applications the relaxed and nonlinear optical processes in technology, industry and education;
  5. new methods and equipments for these researches;

Basic working languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish

The scientific program of the Workshop will include oral and poster presentation

International Program Committee

I. Kityk co-chair, Poland;

V. Makin co-chair, Russia;

P. Trokhimchuck co-chair, Ukraine;

V.Halyan scientific secretary, Ukraine; L.V. Piskach scientific secretary, Ukraine; Yu. Koqut, scientific secretary, Ukraine

V.Adamiv, Ukraine; A.Afonenko, Belorussia; A.T.Akilbekov, Kazakhstan; I.Apostol, Romania; M. Barabanenkov, Russia; M. Batenchuk, Germany; I.Ye. Barchiy, Ukraine; I. Bolesta, Ukraine; G.Chiradze, Georgia; Ya. Dovhyy, Ukraine; I.Dzedolik, Ukraine; N.H. Dzhemilev, Uzbekistan; A.O. Fedorchuk, Ukraine; P.M.Fochuk, Ukraine; L. Georghe, Romania; I.Grygorchak, Ukraine; V.Holovatsky, Ukraine; V. Kazћukauskas, Lithunia; O.Yu.Khyzhun, Ukraine; Yu.Kivshar, Australia; V.Kononenko, Belorussia; S.Kostyukevich, Ukraine; B.Ya. Kotur, Ukraine; L.Kremins’ka, USA; Ya. Lozovyy, USA; V. F. Lukichev, Russia; M.Makoviychuck, Russia; V.S. Manzhara, Ukraine; V.Maslov, Ukraine; A.Medvids,  Latvia; S. Mudryy, Ukraine; L. Muravskiy, Ukraine; M.Piasecki, Poland; I.Polovynko, Ukraine; A.Prikarpatsky, Ukraine-Poland; L.Prinsloo, South Africa; A.Prokaznikov, Russia; Marlan O.Scully, USA; Ya.Shopa, Ukraine; V.V.Shepelevich, Belorussia; Ya.Shopa, Ukraine; O.Y.Shpotyuk, Ukraine; N. Strekal’, Belorussia; I.Studenyak, Ukraine; A.V.Svidzinskii, Ukraine; A.Svidzinskiy, USA; D.Tetelbaum, Russia; I.Tiginyanu, Moldova; I.E.Tyschenko, Russia; M.M.Vakiv, Ukraine; R.Vlokh, Ukraine; Yu.M., Vysochanskiy Ukraine; G.P.Yablonskii, Belorussia; Yu.Yaremko, Ukraine; V.Yashchuk, Ukraine; V.O.Yuhymchuk, Ukraine; V.A.Yurevich, Belorussia

Local Organizing Committee

S.Fedosov, co-chair,Ukraine

O.Parasyuk, co-chair,Ukraine

V.Bozhko, vice-chair,Ukraine

P.Trokhimchuck, vice-chair,Ukraine

A.Kevshyn scientific secretary, Ukraine; G.Myronchuk scientific secretary, Ukraine; P.Shygorin scientific secretary,Ukraine

O.Biruk, Ukraine; M.Bogdanyuk, Ukraine; L.Bulatetska, Ukraine; V.Bulatetskiy, Ukraine; S. Danyl’chuk, Ukraine; I.Dmytruk, Ukraine; L.Gulay, Ukraine; T. Klymuk, Ukraine; Z.Kormosh, Ukraine; V.Kuporov, Ukraine; I.Marcenyuk, Ukraine; I.Mazurets, Ukraine; O.Novosad, Ukraine; I.Olekseyuk, Ukraine; V.Sakhnyuk, Ukraine; H. Shavarova, Ukraine; D.Shvalikovskiy, Ukraine; A.Tretyak, Ukraine; O. Zamuruyeva, Ukraine

The materials of the Workshop will be published in Bulletin of East European National University and International Scientific Journal semiconductor physics, quantum electronics 

& optoelectronics. Text of full reports must be represented to 08-12.06.2014.

Location – recreation base “Hart” of Lesya Ukrayinka East European National University, Lake Svityaz’, Volyn’ Region, Ukraine. More detail information will be represented in 2-nd Announcement.

Registration and Accommodation: The registration fee for the participants from Commonweath of Independent States is 40 Euro and other participants – 60 Euro. The fee includes:

  • –        participation in all scientific session of the Workshop;
  • –        receiving all printed materials of the Workshop, including Proceedings (after their publishing);
  • –        coffee-breaks during the session;
  • –        transportation and accommodation services;
  • –        the general program of excursions.

The conditions of the payment will be adjusted in 2-nd announcement.


Your abstract should include the following:

  2. AUTHOR LISTING (principal author first)

Full names and affiliations


Mailing address, telephone, fax, E-mail address

  1. SUBMIT TO:______________________________________

Chose one: (Workshop topic)

  1. PRESENTATION­­­­­­___________________________________

Indicated your preference for ‘Oral presentation’ or ‘Poster presentation’


4 full pages (A4, 14 size, Roman News, All borders – 2,5 cm; Summary < 300 words, key words, 12 size)

ABSTRACT DUE DATE: April 15, 2014

To be considered for acceptance, you may

-          send abstract via electronic mail to: trope@univer.lutsk.ua ; trope53@yahoo.com; trope@yandex.ru  

P.P.Trokhimchuck,LesyaUkrayinkaVolynStateUniversity, Voly av.13, Department of the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

For further information please contact

P.P.Trokhimchuck,LesyaUkrayinkaVolynStateUniversity, Department of the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

13, Voly av.,Lutsk, 43009,Ukraine

Phone +380 (3322) 4-91-67, 4-92-61

E-mail: trope@univer.lutsk.ua or trope53@yahoo.com; trope@yandex.ru

Fax: +380 (3322)4-10-07

S.A.Kostyukevich, ISP NASU

45, Prospect Nauki,Kiev03028,Ukraine

E-mail: sergeyk@isp.kiev.ua



Titles of reports RNAOPM’2014, which are represented on 20 October, 2014

1. Kaћukauskas V. Organic photovoltaics: its past, present and the future as determined by carrier transport (Invited oral). (VilniusUniversity, Lithunia)

2.  Kaћukauskas V. Properties of TlBr as a new material for ionising radiation detection (Oral). (VilniusUniversity, Lithunia)

3.  Kaћukauskas V.  Au-NP/WO3 layers in a-Si:H Solar cells. (VilniusUniversity, Lithunia)

4.  Kaћukauskas V.  Charge Transport in Hybrid Solar Cells of P3HT with CdSe Nanocrystals.(VilniusUniversity, Lithunia)

5.  K.I. Rusakov, Rakovich Yu.P., Savateeva D.I., Melnikau D.G., Rusakova Z.V., Chugunov S.V. Optical microcavities with              whispering gallery modes and J-aggregate.(Brest Technical University, Belorussia)

6.  Akilbekov A. Spectroscopy of color senters in LiF cryatals irradiated with fast ions. (EuropeanAsaticUniversity,Astana,Kazakhstan)

7. Vysochanskiy Yu.M. Phase transitions and polarons in phosphorous chalcogenide ferroelectrics (Uzhgorod National University,Ukraine)

8. Svidzinskiy A. From LASER to QASER: Light Amplification by Superradiant Emission of Radiation (Texas State University,USA)

9. Dzedolik I. Folume and surface polaritons in various matter. (V.VernadskiyTavridaNatyionalUniversity,Simferopol',Ukraine)

10. KItyk I. Photoinduced operation by teh phaser transitions n teh ferroelectrics.Chenstohova Technical University,Poland)

11. Makin V. Electron's drag effect by surface plasmon  polaritons. (Labaratory of nanostructures,Sosnovyy Bor,Russia)

12. Trokhimchuck P. Nonlinear and Relaxed optical processes as two sides of one medal. (EastEuropeanNationalUniversity,Lutsk,Ukraine)

13. Makoviychuk M. Thermal dependence of flicke noise in silicon single crystalsYaroslavl' Branch of Physical Technological Institute of RAS,Russia)

14. О.М.Makhanets, А.І.Кuchаk, O.M.Voitsekhivska. Impurity states in complicated cylindrical semiconductor nanotube. (Yu.Fedovych Chernivtsi National University,Ukraine)

15. Holovatsky V.A.,  Bernik I.B. EFFECT OF MAGNETIC FIELD AND IMPURITY ON ELECTRON SPECTRUM IN SPHERICAL NANO-STRUCTURES (Yu.Fedovych Chernivtsi National University,Ukraine)

16. Ivanov A.Yu. Non-stationary processes on laser-plasma treating of metals and dielectrics (Grodno State University,Belorussia)

17. Y.M.  Kogut, O.R. Kogut, L.V. Piskach, A.O. Fedorchuk, O.V. Parasyuk, A.H. Reshak, K.J.  Plucinski,  I.V.  Kityk,  Non-linear  Optical  Properties of the Quaternary Compounds in the Ag2X-PbX-GeX2 Systems (X=S, Se). (Ukraine-Poland)

18. S.I.  Levkovets,  P.M.  Fochuk,  M.  Piasecki,  I.V.  Kityk,  A.O. Fedorchuk,  L.V.  Piskach,  O.V.  Parasyuk, Single crystal growth and properties of a promising detector material TlPb2Br5-xIx.(Ukraine-Poland)

Дата та час події: 
Неділя, 8 Червень, 2014 (Увесь день)
Кінець події: 
Четвер, 12 Червень, 2014 (Увесь день)
Місце проведення події: 
Lutsk–Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE