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During February 14–17, Botkyrka Municipality (Stockholms län, Sweden) held the meeting between Ukrainian and Swedish participants of the project “...
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Within the framework of the Ukrainian-Swedish project “Breaking Down Stereotypes — Building Trust and Hope”, during December 4-6, the delegation of...
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On November 25–27, the international conference entitled “Cultural Heritage as the Driving Force for Communities Social and Economic Development” was...
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During October 10–11, the Centre of the Swedish Language and Culture (Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University – LUEENU Lutsk, Ukraine)...
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On September 24th, the meeting with the famous Swedish art photographer, Hans Wachner, was held in the Swedish Language Center based on the Institute...
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With 850 members across 47 countries, EUA is the largest and most comprehensive organisation representing universities inEurope. 17 million students...
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Date: August 14, 2018Time: 09:43:52Online: 0
Міністерство освіти і науки України
Асоціація ВНЗ-партнерів Росії й України
Львівський регіональний центр оцінювання якості освіти