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Student Self-Government

For you to understand what Student Self-Government  in our country and our university is – I`ve prepared a few items. I hope these points will help you to make clear what it is.

Student Self-Government  is a real possibility for students to solve all problems which are connected with student life according to the statute of  Student Self-Government.

The most sufficient organ of Student Self-Government  is Student Council.

Student Council is an association. First of all, it is an association of students. It is an association of thoughts. It is an association of ideas. It is an association of educational and creative deal. It is an association of manifold activities, which are rather not unlike.

Student Council is students. These students are those, who are intelligent, responsible, purposeful, and cheerful. These are students who want and can organize, listen and lead.

Student Council is help. This help must be many-sided, but necessary. This is help for students in solving their study process problems, uniting and organizing work of academic groups, different courses and faculties. It`s help for teachers in searching teamwork with students. Finally, it is help in creating a prestige of our university.

Student Council is an organization. It is an organization of gala events, business meetings, intellectual games, sport competitions, etc. It is an organization of student leisure. It is an organization of our future.

Student Council is ideas. These are ideas which swirl, flow out into projects and which are realized. We hope all students events stand on these ideas.

Student Council is a wish. It`s a wish to success. It`s really a wish to work hard and to receive a satisfaction throw this work. It`s a wish to be in the centre of attention. It`s a wish to study and to step together with time.

 Student Council is a team. This is a team of young people, connected by joint aim, co-action, ideas and wishes.

  • Student Council of the University consists of:
  • Head of Student Council of the University;
  • Head’s Deputy of  Student Council of the University;
  • Secretary of  Student Council of the University;
  • Heads of Departments of  Student Council of the University;
  • Heads of Student Councils of Faculties (Institutes);
  • Head of Student Council ofCollegeofTechnology, Business and Law of Lesya Ukrainka EasternEuropeanNationalUniversity;
  • Heads of Student Councils of Dormitories;
  • Head of Scientific Community of Postgraduate Students and Students of the University.


Head of Student Council – Nedbailo Nazariy

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Fax: + 38 (0332) 72 – 01 – 27

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