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Kharkevych Yuriy Iliodorovych

Kharkevych Yuriy Iliodorovych
43025, Lutsk, Potapova street, 9

Head of the Department, Ph.D. in Phys.-Math. Sciences, Docent

Kharkevych Yuriy Iliodorovych was born  on 18.10.1965 in the urban village Torchyn of the Volyn region. In 1982 he graduated Lobachivska high school in Horohiv district with a gold medal. In 1987 he graduatedLutskstate pedagogical institute named after Lesia Ukrainka on specialty «Teacher of mathematics and physics». He worked as a teacher of mathematics in Lobachivska and then in Mervyanska high schools of the Horohiv district from 1987 till 1988. From 1988 till 1991 he was a postgraduate student in theInstituteofMathematicsof the NAS of Ukraine (supervisor - Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine Stepanets O.I).

From 1991 till 1994 he worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Mathematical Analysis inLutskstate pedagogical institute named after Lesya Ukrainka and then in Volyn state university named after Lesya Ukrainka. In connection with the establishment of the Department of Differential Equations and Mathematical Physics, he moved to the post of Assistant Professor of this Department, where he works at the present time.

Teaching subjects: «Functional Analysis», «Special Courses», etc.


е-mail: difrivnsnu@gmail.com