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Institute of Arts

Year of foundation:  The Institute of Arts was founded on September 1, 1994, in accordance with the long-term development plan of the Lesya Ukrainka Volyn State University. The Institute is the only subdivision in Volyn region, which carries out educational activities in training and retraining specialists of the Bachelor’s, Specialist’s and Master’s degrees in full-time and distant forms of studying in such fields: Musical Art, Fine Arts, and Choreography.

Historical background: The prerequisite for the foundation of the future Institute of Arts was the activity of the Methodical Commission of music and singing collective, which was established in 1977 in the Department of Pedagogy and Primary School of the Lesya Ukrainka Lutsk Pedagogical Institute. Methodical Commission was headed by the Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Senior Lecturer S.N. Nykytyuk – outstanding specialist, under whose supervision started work on the creation of artistic direction in preparing pedagogical personnel. As a result, Primary Education and Fine Arts speciality and Primary Education and music speciality were opened in 1983. The Methodical Commission was reorganized into the Department of Music in 1985. In 1986 the Department of Fine Arts was opened, and the Candidate of Architecture, Associate Professor O.V. Lesyk was at the head of it. In 1991 the first admission to The Choreography and Primary Education speciality was held in the Pedagogical Institute and choreography section was opened at the Department of Music, which was headed by talented choreographer, Associate Professor F.S. Bondaruk. In 1992 the Department of Music was reorganized into the Department of Music and Theoretical Studies and the Department of Musical Instruments Playing. At the head of the first one was S.N Nykytyuk, second one – by V.F. Kucheruk.

Back in the 1970-s, wide creative history of the future Institute of Arts has started in the structure of the Lesya Ukrainka Lutsk Pedagogical Institute. A number of collectives became recognized under the direction of talented leaders, these are such artistic pearls of the Institute of Pedagogy as Folk Song and Dance Ensemble “Rozmai” (Kuzhelyuk L. M.), Academic Choral Capella “Lesyna Pisnia” (Yarmus’ S. I.), Dance Ensemble “Kladochka” (Kosakovs’ka L. P.), brass band (Nykytyuk S. N., Gordiychuk A. M.), female choir (Skoblelev O. M.), family vocal trio (Mandryk O. P., Mandryk. Y. B., Korets’ G. P.), female bandura ensemble (Stochans’ka M. P.), folk music orchestra (Rivets; T. M.) and others, most of which were actively going on tours and are laureates of the republicans’ competitions. Among leading Lecturers at the Departments of Arts of the Lutsk Pedagogical Institute – Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer Pavlovs’ka G. G., Senior Lecturer of the Fine Arts Romanyuk I. M., and many others.

A new significant stage in the Music, Fine Arts and Choreography teachers’ preparation process in Volyn, started in 1994, since the Institute of Arts opened as a structural subdivision of the newly created Lesya Ukrainka Volyn State University. The Institute was headed by the Doctor of Architecture, Professor, and a full member of the Ukrainian Architecture Academy O. V. Lesyk, whose creation includes more than 100 projects, scientific and creative works. These are: doctoral dissertation “Principles of using Precarpathian architectural monuments for tourist centres”(1973), doctoral dissertation “Principles of recreation centres and tourism formation in historical and architectural environment of Ukraine”(1993), monographs “Protecting and managing architectural monuments” (1986), “Castles and monasteries of Ukraine” (1993), publications “Temple building in Volyn in XVII- XVIII centuries”(1997),  tourist route “Historical and cultural monuments of Lutsk city”(1998), “Modern use of Ukrainian monasteries”(1998), “Volyn masters of temple wooden architecture” (1999), “Architectural monuments of Volyn: restoration and adaptation problems”(2005) and others, architectural projects (“Museum of Ukrainian arts in Oles’ko castle(1970) etc.) and  art canvases. 8 personal Art and graphics exhibitions were held: “Architectural monuments of Volyn”, “Nature and architecture of Volyn”, “Sunny Volyn”, etc. As an experienced specialist, Professor Lesyk O.V. is a member of specialized Academic Senates on dissertation defence and expert committees DAC, supervisor and opponent to those, who get an academic degree.

Professor Lesyk O.V. laid the foundations for the whole future scientifically-methodical and creative development of the Institute and its material resources. He became an initiator of ideas and Associate Professor Gordiychuk and all pedagogical stuff largely contributed to the implement of them.

The Departments which were formed in the Institute: the Department of Music and Theoretical Studies and Musical Instruments Playing (from 2001 – the Department of Musical Instruments), Fine Arts, Choreography.

In 2005-2007 the Institute were headed by the Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor O.N. Demianchuk. In his creation: candidate dissertation “Formation of musical and aesthetic interests of secondary school students”(1995), collective monograph “Problems of artistic and aesthetic education and education of student youth in terms of national revival” under the general editorship Demianchuk O. (2001), monographs, books, articles. Professor O. Demianchuk is chairman of the editorial boards of collections of scientific works “Problems of pedagogical technologies” and “Pedagogical Search”, special purpose member of specialized Academic Senates on dissertation defence and expert committees DAC, Postgraduate supervisor, opponent and dissertation research reviewer.

Nowadays, at the head of the Institute’s collective - Honoured Artist of Ukraine, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor A.M. Gordiychuk – well-known in Ukraine and abroad, the head of the male vocal quartet “Accord” Gordiychuk Andriy Mykolayovych, whose expert opinion forms the future of Artistic subdivision of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University.

Deputy Deans:

  • for Science – Candidate of Arts, Associate Professor Szymanski Petro Yosypovych;
  • for educational activities – Associate Professor Ohmanyuk Vitaly Fedorovych.


  • Department of History, Theory, and Performance Arts;
  • Department of Musical Instruments;
  • Department of Fine Arts;
  • Department of Choreography.


Teaching Staff:

  • Doctors - 2;
  • Candidates - 19;
  • Professors - 6;
  • Associate professors - 26.


Main areas of research activity:

  • Department of History, Theory, and Performance Arts – “Ukrainian musical culture in the European context: theory, history, psychology”.
  • Department of Musical Instruments – “The musical culture of Volyn in ХХ century.”; “Problems with musical training of the students of the Institute of Arts”.
  • Department of Fine Arts – “Problems with preservation and spiritual revival of historical and cultural monuments of Volyn”.
  • Department of Choreography – “Problems of choreography development in Volyn”, “Choreography of Volyn in the context of national culture and education of Ukraine”.
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