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Anatolii Tsos, First vice-rector, vice-rector for Administration and Developmentports, Full ­Professor
13 Voli Avenue Lutsk, Ukraine, 43025
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First vice-rector, vice-rector for Administration and Development

Doctor of Science in physical education and sports (2005 р.). Has graduated from the faculty of physical culture of Lesya Ukrainka Lutsk State Pedagogical Institute (1989 р.). Has supported the thesis on “Differentiated approach in the process of preparing of a future physical training teacher” at Drahomanov National Pedagogical University obtaining the scientific degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences (1994). Has supported the thesis on “The development of physical education in Ukraine from ancient times till the beginning of XVIII century” in specialty 24.00.02 — physical culture, physical education of different population groups at Kharkiv State Physical Culture Academy (2005). Tsos Anatolii has the academic title of Professor of the department of physical education and rehabilitation (2004). Has held the positions of lecturer, senior lecturer, associate professor of the department of theoretical bases of physical education of Lesya Ukrainka Lutsk Pedagogical Institute (1989—1994); associate professor, head of the department of health and physical culture of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn State University (1994—2002); head of the department, professor, pro–rector for scientific and methodological work of Lutsk Institute of Human Development of University “Ukraine” (2002—2004); professor, head of the department of theory and methodology of physical education of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University (2005—2007), pro–rector for scientific work (2007–2013). Since 2014 is the first pro–rector of EENU.

Teaches the following courses of studies “Theory and methodology of physical education”, “Theory and methodology of physical and health–improving work”. Conducts the process of writing of course, diploma and master’s papers. Takes parts in work of State examination boards of universities of Ukraine. Provides methodical assistance to teacher of physical education of Lutsk and Volyn region, cooperates with Volyn institute of post–graduate pedagogical education. Tsos Anatolii studies historical tendencies of formation and development of physical culture in Ukraine from the ancient times till the beginning of 19th century; develops instruments and methods of optimization of physical education in general schools and higher educational establishments; programming of physical activity; regime of physical loads in health–improving physical culture.

Results of the research allow developing adapted physical loads according to their content and dosage, individual peculiarities of a person, and formation of the system of measures for attraction of population to systematic practicing of physical exercises. The researcher is the author of 135 scientific works, among them seven monographs, manuals. Under the guidance of Anatolii Tsos 15 postgraduate students and seekers have defended their theses. During 1998—2000 was acting as academic secretary of specialized academic board on defending theses on seeking the scientific degree of Candidate of Physical Education and Sports of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn State Unviersity. A. V. Tsos was a member of specialized academic board of Lviv State University of Physical Culture (since 2001); Kharkiv State Academy of Physical Culture (since 2006). Deputy head of specialized academic board on defending theses in specialty 13.00.02 — theory and methodology of education (physical culture, health basics) at Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University. Is a member of expert commission on education of State Accreditation Committee of Ukraine and expert board on physical education and sports of Higher attestation commission on Ukraine (since 2007). Editor in chief of a compilation of scientific works “Physical education, sports and health culture in modern society”, also is an editor in chief of “Youth scientific bulletin”, deputy editor in chief of “Scientific bulletin of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn National University”. Awarded Diploma of Honor of Ministry of Education and Science, Volyn State Administration and Volyn Regional Council. Awarded Excellence of Education of Ukraine.