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Scientific Departments

Research and Educational Laboratories of Lesya Ukrainka East European National University

Research Laboratories:


Physical Faculty

  1. Laboratory of Chemistry and Solid-state Physics
  2. Laboratory of Solid-state Optics
  3. Technological Laboratory
  4. Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics


International Relations Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Problems of Development of the European Integration Processes and Trans-border Cooperation
  2. Laboratory of Information and Analytical Provision of the International Relations


Institute of Philology and Journalism

  1. Laboratory West-Polissya Onomastic and Dialects Fund


Psychology Faculty

  1. Laboratory of Neuropsychology and Psycholinguistics
  2. Laboratory of Psychodiagnosis 
  3. Psychological Consultive Centre


Institute of Social Sciences

  1. Social Research Laboratory.


Biology Faculty

  1. Laboratory of Oligochaetology
  2. Laboratory of Fauna and Semantics of the Invertebrates of the Biocoenoses of theWest Polissya
  3. Laboratory of Histology and Morphogenesis.


Educational Laboratories:


Лабораторія росту кристалів

Physical Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Didactic Methods of Physics
  2. Laboratory of the Quantum Electronics
  3. Optics Laboratory
  4. Nuclear Physics Laboratory
  5. Atomic Physics Laboratory
  6. Solid-state Electronics Laboratory
  7. Laboratory of Electronics and Magnetism
  8. Laboratory of the Spectral Analysis and Optical Measurements Techniques
  9. Material Technology Laboratory
  10. Laboratory of Mechanics
  11. Laboratory of the Molecular Physics
  12. Electrical Engineering Laboratory
  13.  Electronics Laboratory
  14. Laboratory for Modern Technical Teaching Techniques
  15. Laboratory of the Educational Physical Experiment
  16.  Laboratory of the Automatics and Computer Technique
  17. Laboratory of the Electronics and Optics of the Non-physical Sciences
  18. Laboratory of the Mechanics and Molecular Physics of the Non-physical Sciences
  19. Educational Workshops


Economics Faculty

  1. Financial and Analytical Laboratory
  2. Laboratory for the Problems of the Economics of Education
  3. Laboratory of the Present-day Problems of the Development of Volyn region


Institute of Foreign Philology

  1. Laboratory of the Lexicographic Research


Центр комп'ютерного тестування

Geography Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Applied Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics


Pedagogical Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Pre-school andJuniorSchoolPedagogy


Laboratory of the Present-day Problems of Ethno- and Social LinguisticsPhilology Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Comparative Study of Literature
  2. Laboratory of the Comprehensive and Systematic Research
  3. Laboratory of the Slavonic Literature: problems, investigation and perspectives
  4. Laboratory of the Journalistic Mastery


Psychology Faculty

  1. Educational and Methodological Laboratory


Institute of Social Sciences

  1. Laboratory of the Youth’s Vision


Biology Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Age-specific Neurophysiology
  2. Laboratory of the Ecological Physiology
  3. Laboratory of Informational Physiology
  4. Electromyography Laboratory
  5. Laboratory of Genetics and Plants Breeding
  6. Laboratory of the Electronic Microscopy


Forensic LaboratoryJuridical Faculty


History Faculty

  1. Centre for the Ukrainian-Polish Research


Mathematics Faculty

  1. Laboratory of the Applied Statistics