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Thu, February, 19, 2015

On February, 19th,  2015 Chełm Chamber of Commerce, Ltd and Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University signed an agreement on the foundation of the Cross-Border Innovation Cluster. 

The parties entered into an agreement to organize a series of professional applied  trainings in Poland for students of EENU in the fields indicated in the University curricula. 

The parties expressed their intention to form a...

Thu, February, 19, 2015

In 2014 Ukraine opened a new page in history, having proved its civilized choice and having begun an irreversible process of transformation to a modern European country. The country has drawn conclusions from the mistakes of the last decades, and renewed its political, social, educational, cultural priorities as well its place on the map of modern Europe. 

The rate and success of integration process highly depend on the cooperation with the neighboring countries that are already the EU...

Tue, February, 17, 2015

On February, 10-11th, 2015 the University of Amsterdam (UvA) hosted a seminar on human resources management and staff development in Universities.

The third training seminar was held within the framework of the ATHENA project “Fostering Sustainable and Autonomous Higher Education Systems in the Eastern Neighbouring Area”. The focus of the ATHENA project, supported by the European Union’s TEMPUS programme, is to contribute to the modernisation and restructuring of...

Tue, February, 10, 2015

On February, 5–6th, 2015 the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University delegation led by Rector Ihor Kotsan visited one of the best universities in Lithuania – Vytautas Magnus University in the city of Kaunas. Among other guests from EENU were Ihor Chulipa, Acting Head of the International Relations Department, Tetiana Mamchych, Associate Professor of the Department of Higher Mathematics and Computer Science, Anna Levchuk, Head of the Working Group on Student Campus Construction, Associate Professor of the Applied Linguistics Department.  

Tue, January, 27, 2015

On January, 25th, day of birth of Andrii Snitko, the Hero of Ukraine, student at the EENU Institute of Physical Education and Health, a commemorative plaque was installed in Manevychi school No 1. Our student died during the liberation of Ilovaisk.  He never lacked bravery and patriotism. To save his comrades, Andrii fell on a grenade.

Not only his comrades, mothers, fellow villagers came to commemorate the Ukrainian hero, but also representatives of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern...