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Mon, March, 23, 2020

Petro Hlushko is a member of the basketball club "Staryi Lutsk – University".  He plays for the Top Basketball League of Ukraine. A number of the team’s players are students of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University. The basketball club collaborates with the management of the higher educational institution to organise various events, and the club players train in the gyms of the university.


Petro is a graduate of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, and now he is a postgraduate and assistant at the Department of Theory of Physical Education...

Tue, March, 17, 2020

General Andrii Kovalchuk is the Hero of Ukraine, the First Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Air Assault Forces. He was awarded many honorary orders and medals. It is especially gratifying that this military officer, a participant in UN missions and hostilities in eastern Ukraine, was born in Volyn, in the village of Shchytyn, Lyubeshiv district.

At the invitation of Anatolii Tsos, the rector of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, the Hero of Ukraine...

Fri, March, 13, 2020

 The soldiers, who decided to defend Ukraine on their own initiative, were honored on the occasion of Volunteer Day in The Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral in Lutsk.

Mykhail, the...

Fri, March, 13, 2020

Olexiy Kushnier is a 2014 Ukrainian Revolution protester that also participated in military operations in the eastern regions of Ukraine as a volunteer for the Azov battalion. Having returned to Lutsk, he eventually adapted to a civilian way of life; he found himself a job and is currently a student at Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University.


March 14th is a special...

Wed, March, 11, 2020
«Добровольчими батальйонами керував Господь», – волинський капелан Михайло Бучак

 For several years Ukrainians have been paying tribute to those voluntarily defending the country from the external enemy. It is these people who became the key reason the aggressor has not advanced farther. 


On the eve of the commemoration day, we met Chaplain Mykhailo Buchak, a person who had an opportunity to witness how the soldiers live. We are privileged to present an interview on the phenomenon of the volunteer movement, the Church's attitude toward it, the role of a soldier's education, and the volunteer chaplains.