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Wed, June, 17, 2020

A former graduate of the Faculty of Culture and Arts, a ballet-master and choreographer, a ballet dancer, the finalist of the talent show “Everybody Dance”, the leading artist of the Academic Theater "Kyiv Modern Ballet", the founder of the “Volyn Young Theater”, Honored Artist of Ukraine Artem Shoshyn visited Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University.


Artem Shoshyn came to visit his Alma mater on Tuesday, June 16.


At first, the former graduate visited his faculty, where he met teachers and recalled his student years. According to the head of the choreography department Lesya Kosakovska, the meeting appeared to be quite warm and relaxed. Teachers...

Wed, June, 17, 2020

The Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Health, headed by Dean Vasyl Pantik, organized an event during which the participants were able to try their hand at Nordic walking. It took place on June 16 in the forest of the village of Garazdzha near Lutsk. The event was devoted to the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Physical Culture, Sports and Health, which will be celebrated this year.



“Quarantine restrictions have limited our plans a bit. However, we chose the location according to the recommendations, the law was not violated. We hope that...

Mon, June, 15, 2020
«Хочемо множити нашу впізнаваність», – Наталія Благовірна про ребрендинг СНУ, нові проєкти та перспективи журналістики. Інтерв’ю

Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University is the largest and most popular higher education institution in Volyn. Despite this, in recent years there have been many shortcomings related to the communication and information work of the university. Realizing this, the newly elected rector of the university Anatolii Tsos and his team have focused on improving the situation in these areas. This was reported by the Volyn News Agency.

Tue, June, 9, 2020

On January 24, Anatolii Tsos officially became the rector of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University. His candidacy, as well as the program for the development of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University, was supported by the majority of those who took part in the elections. The start of the newly elected rector's work coincided with a very difficult period in the life of the country in general and the university in particular. However, the head of the university together with his team has been confidently implementing qualitative changes in the life of the Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University.


The interview with Anatolii Tsos begins...

Thu, May, 21, 2020
Vadym Kud: "The most important thing is to always remain a decent person"

With unabashed pride Vadym Kud shows the student graduation album of the Faculty of History and Philology of the Lutsk State Pedagogical Institute named after Lesya Ukrainka. In these photos he is a little over thirty. The fact that he was older than his classmates did not prevent him from having a higher scholarship and graduating with honors. Now he is 93, Vadym Oleksiiovych has gone through World War II, military service, PhD thesis and years of teaching. 


- Having gone through dozens of socio-political changes, was it difficult to adapt to the conditions dictated by the new system?