Applications to graduate school entrance exams (archival program to all specialties)

To graduate school on a competitive basis are enrolled individuals who have completed higher education on the qualification of master's or specialist. Preparation postgraduate studies are carried out by:

• at the expense of the State budget of Ukraine - for the state order;

• at the expense of the entities and individuals (under contract) - over the state order.


Preparation of foreign citizens and stateless persons is held on the basis of: • international treaties of Ukraine;

• national programs;

• contracts set up by  the University with corporations and individuals.


Applicants to graduate school submit to the rector of the University the following documents:

Application Form (sample);

1. Personal paper with a photo from  Staff Department certified  by the seal of the institution in which the applicant to graduate school studies or works;

2. 2 photos  of 3x4sm size;

3. List of published works and inventions (in the presence) (sample);

4. Report or master's own work if it meets their chosen academic specialty (sample);

5. Medical certificate of the 086-0 form;

6. Certified copy of the diploma certificate (persons who have received appropriate education abroad - a copy of approved diploma) with a copy of the abstract of record (the diploma supplement);

7. Recommendation letter from the Academic Council of the educational institution (if any);

8. Original certificate of passed candidate examinations (in the presence);

9. Referral of state-owned organization for the state order of which the training of graduate and his employment after graduation will be held (sample);

10. Copy of the identification number (for those who enter graduate school with a margin of production);

11. Certificate of permanent residence.

Passport, diploma of higher education and military ID are submitted by applicants in person.

Work-book (if any) with a record of dismissal from the last job due to the enrollment of the applicant to graduate school with a margin of production and information about the average monthly salary (signed by chief executive officer and chief accountant) (sample) for calculating graduate scholarships are personally served within ten days after admission to graduate school.


Documents submitted all at once in a paper folder with bonds and also 2 envelopes. If any document in the list is absent, applicant is not allowed to pass the entrance exams to graduate school.


Applications for admission of all the above documents are accepted from September, 1 to September 15, 2014 every day, except Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00. Entrance examinations are held from September,20 to October,16 2014. The decision on admission to the entrance exams to graduate school is made by the selection committee at the university taking into account the applicant’s results at the interview with a prospective supervisor, review of the report, presented published works and also written report of a future supervisor. If the submitted essay provides no basis to recommend the applicant for admission to graduate school, he (the applicant) is allowed to pass entrance exams.


Persons admitted by the selection committee decision for entrance exams to graduate school, are granted with a leave for training and examinations in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

Applicants to the University graduate school take entrance exams in specialty, philosophy, foreign language (English, German, French) in accordance with the University curriculum of the ІV level of accreditation.


Applicants, who at the time of admission to graduate school have already passed all or some candidate examinations, are exempt from the respective entrance exams to graduate school and they are enrolled on the basis of the previously received marks for candidate tests.

Enrollment is made on a general basis by summing up the grades received for the exams.

In case of identical ratings the preferential right for admission to graduate school have those applicants who:

  • passed all or some candidate examinations;
  • recommended for admission to graduate school by the Academic Council of the higher education institution (faculty, institute), research institution;
  • completed successfully the Master's degree, received a Master's degree with honors;
  • have scientific publications and participated in contests, conferences;
  • directed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for special-purpose training granted by higher educational establishments.


Applicants to graduate school who did not overcome the contest are eligible for enrollment contract plan over public order.

Post-graduate students who study at work being discontinued basis and execute their individual plan of training successfully:

  • receive state scholarship if enrolled on public order in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine;
  • nonresident graduate students receive residence at the campus on the basis of certificate of their permanent location;
  • enjoy annual holidays of up to two calendar months included in the total period of study.


Students who study without work being discontinued and successfully carry out an individual plan of training have privileges under the current legislation of Ukraine.

Mutual obligations between the University and the graduate student, who is trained by state order, are determined in the agreement signed with the University by graduate student during the first month of training. The reason for the signing of the agreement is the reference letter of state-owned organization, which is responsible for the training of a graduate and his/her employment after graduation.


For serious violation of the University internal regulations, unlawful actions, failure of an individual plan without serious reason PhD student may be expelled from the graduate school.

A graduate student who was enrolled in graduate school due to public order and was expelled because of these reasons reimburse tuition fees in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.


The term of post-graduate studies with work being discontinued is not more than 3 years and without work being discontinued is 4 years.


The beginning of post-graduate studies is from 1 November 2014.


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