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THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE “Actual problems of fundamental science” - APFS’2019

Ukrainian and European Physical Societies

Lesya Ukrayinka Eastern European National University



First Announcement



“Actual problems of fundamental science” - APFS’2019

June 01 -05, 2019, Lutsk-Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE

Dedicated by memory of prof. A. Svidzinskyi


The Workshop is organized by the Ukrainian and European Physical Societies, the Ukrainian Philosophical Society, the Ukrainian Mathematical Society, the Ukrainian Chemical Society, Shevchenko scientific society, the Ukrainian Society «Pure and Applied Optics», the Ukrainian Society for Optical Engineering, Lesya Ukrayinka East European National University, Brest Technical University.


The topics to be covered during the scientific session are as follows:

1.   Fundamental problems of physics, chemistry and ecology.

2.   Fundamental problems of mathematics, cybernetics and computer science.

3.   Fundamental problems of biology and medicine.

4.  Problems of science evolution; synthesis and appearance of new sciences and knowledge.

5. Arts and science.

Basic working languages - English, Ukrainian, Russian, Polish

The scientific program of the Workshop will include oral and poster presentation


International Program Committee  I. Yukhnovskij, Honorary Chair, Ukraine; P. Trokhimchuck, chair, Ukraine; D. Shvalikovskyi, scientific secretary, Ukraine; V. Adamiv, Ukraine; A. Andrushchak, Ukraine: I. Apostol, Romania; I. Baklan, Ukraine; M. Batenchuk, Germany; I. Ye. Barchiy, Ukraine; N. N. Bogolyubov (Jr.), Russia; I. Bolesta, Ukraine; V. Dorofeev, Russia; A.O. Fedorchuk, Ukraine; P. M. Fochuk, Ukraine; V. Fourman, Ukraine; A. Golovin, USA; I.Grygorchak, Ukraine; Yu. Holovatch, Ukraine; V. Holovatsky, Ukraine; V. Hrabovskiy, Ukraine; A. Ivanov, Belorussia; I. Kanatchikov, Great Britain; E. Kapuscik, Poland; O. Khyzhun, Ukraine; I. Kityk, Poland; S. Kostyukevich, Ukraine; V. Krysachenko, Ukraine; M. Kugeyko, Belorussia; O. Kushnir, Ukraine; A. Loshakov, Russia; Ya.Lozovyi,USA;  O. Makarenko, Ukraine; V. Makhniy, Ukraine; M.Makoviychuck, Russia; V. Maslov, Ukraine; V. Melnichak, Israel; S. Mudryy, Ukraine; L. Muravskiy, Ukraine; V.S. Nedzvetsky, Ukraine; B. Padlyak, Poland-Ukraine; V. Pelekh, Ukraine; M. Piasecki, Poland; R. Plyatsko, Ukraine; I. Polovynko, Ukraine; A. Prikarpatsky, Ukraine; Ya.Prytula,Ukraine; Ya. Rybicki, Poland; P. Saukh, Ukraine; Marlan O. Scully, USA; V. Shut, Belorussia; A. Svidzinskiy, USA; G. U. Taneri, Northern Cyprus; I. Tiginyanu, Moldova; I. Tsymbalyuk, Ukraine; S. Ubizskii, Ukraine; M. M. Vakiv, Ukraine; Yu.Vysochanskiy,Ukraine; Yu.Yaremko,Ukraine; V. Yuhymchuk,Ukraine; V. Yurevich,Belorussia; Ya.Zolotaryuk,Ukraine

Local Organizing Committee I. Kotsan, chair,Ukraine; Yu. Kharkevych, vice-chair, Ukraine;; S. Fedosov,  scientific secretary, Ukraine; A.Kevshyn, Ukraine G. Myronchuk scientific secretary, Ukraine; P. Shygorin scientific secretary, Ukraine; O.Biruk, Ukraine; M. Bogdanyuk, Ukraine; V. Bozhko, Ukraine S. Danyl’chuk, Ukraine; V. Halyan, Ukraine; S. Hayday, Ukraine;  N. Holovina, Ukraine; V. Holoviy, Ukraine;; L. Hulay, Ukraine; T. Klymuk, Ukraine; H. Khmaruk, Ukraine; M. Khvyshchun, Ukraine; Yu. Koqut, Ukraine; Z.Kormosh,Ukraine; A.Makhnovets,Ukraine; O. Marchuk, Ukraine; T. Masitska, Ukraine; I. Mazurets, Ukraine; V. Mykhaylyuk, Ukraine; O. Novosad, Ukraine; I. Olekseyuk, Ukraine; L. Piskach, Ukraine; V. Polyakov, Ukraine; A. Poruchynskiy, Ukraine; V. Sakhnyuk, Ukraine; H. Shavarova, Ukraine; D. Shvalikovsky, Ukraine; Ya.Stepanyuk,Ukraine; A. Shutovskyi,Ukraine; Ya. Savosh, Ukraine; A. Tretyak, Ukraine; P. Trokhimchuck, Ukraine; S. Volgin, Ukraine; O. Viligurskyi; O. Yurchenko, Ukraine; D. Zakharchuk, Ukraine;O.Zamuruyeva,Ukraine














The materials of the Workshop will be published in Bulletin of East EuropeanNationalUniversityand International Scientific Journal semiconductor physics, quantum electronics & optoelectronics. Text of full reports must be represented to 28.05-01.06.2019.


Location - rest base “Hart” ofLesyaUkrayinkaEastEuropeanNationalUniversity, Lake “Svityaz’”, Volyn’Region,Ukraine. More detail information will be represented in 2-nd Announcement.


Registration and Accommodation: The registration fee for the participants from all countries is 100 Euro. The fee includes:

participation in all scientific session of the Workshop;

receiving all printed materials of the Workshop, including Proceedings (after their publishing);

coffee-breaks during the session;

transportation and accommodation services;

the general program of excursions.

The conditions of the payment will be adjusted in 2-nd announcement.



Your abstract should include the following:


AUTHOR LISTING (principal author first)

Full names and affiliations


Mailing address, telephone, fax, E-mail address

SUBMIT TO: _____________________________________

Chose one: (Workshop topic)


Indicated your preference for ‘Oral presentation’ or ‘Poster presentation’


3 full pages (A4, 12 size, Roman News, All borders -2 cm; Summary < 300 words, key words, 12 size)



ABSTRACT DUE DATE: April 15, 2019


To be considered for acceptance, you may send abstract via electronic mail to:



P.P.Trokhimchuck,LesyaUkrayinkaEastEuropeanNationalUniversity, Voly av.13, Department of the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics



For further information please contact

Petro P. Trokhimchuck, Lesya Ukrayinka EasternEuropeanNationalUniversity, Department of the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

13, Voly av.,Lutsk, 43025,Ukraine

Phone +38-097-442-17-66

E-mail: apfs2019@ukr.net

Date and time of the event: 
Saturday, 1 June, 2019 - 09:00
Wednesday, 5 June, 2019 - 18:00
Event location: 
Lutsk-Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE, rest base “Hart”