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The Institute of Foreign Philology: General Information

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The Institute of Foreign Philology: General Information

TheInstituteofForeign Philologyis one of the largest departments within theLesyaUkrainkaEasternEuropeanNationalUniversity. Teaching is done by its more than 120 high-quality full-time teachers. The Institute has the enrollment of over 1000 students. The Institute creates a unique teaching-and-learning atmosphere enhancing the professional growth and improvement. Numerous students’ associations, cultural centers, clubs and Institute’s own publication (a Journal) – all this provide a diverse experience outside the classroom.

By setting up a blog of theInstituteofForeign Philology, we undertake a number of tasks. We would like to ensure a permanent coverage of current events in the fields of research, academic, international, social and cultural activities of our Institute. We regard the blog is an additional tool of getting information across our esteemed alumni, real and virtual learners, would-be applicants, to all those who are not indifferent friends to our Institute and who want to be our friends and communication partners. We are looking forward to pursuing a dialogue with our colleagues. We hereby hope to exchange mutually beneficial experience and, possibly, to launch new progress and initiatives.  

You are welcome to this blog: