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A student’s paradise? (Yes it is!)

Educational activities of a country are in fact great investment for the next generation. The aim of my testimony is to raise the hope of friends outside there who are looking for a faculty to broaden their knowledge high that there is a good faculty to find. Indeed faculty matters most, yes research tells.

Some of you might have seen and noticed my usual writes on politics in my country (Ghana). However, this time, I would like and in fact have taken the excitement to write something about studies in my faculty (Biology faculty) to serve as a guide for those who are yet to choose faculty of study.

I have spent three years as a student of the said Biology faculty and will soon complete with my first intended degree and proud to stay for my master’s degree. So, today I am going to answer the following question with my usual “top reasons” why I decided to stay in the biology faculty.


As an international student with long serving experience with World Vision International as a peer educator, Facilitator of the Mission of Hope for Society Ghana and Special assistant of International Students Care Organization (ISCO) with Diploma in Nursing & Patients Care and Diploma in Psychology from a well reputable institution, I have not only found the Biology faculty as a stop on my path. The faculty is increasingly seen as the best place to advance one’s career and to meet standard level of education.

“I love and I am still attracted by the specialties and surprising divisions, defined as the new ‘digital faculty’, and also rich and proud of its traditions, structures and disciplines.I chose to study in the Biology faculty for just some few time for certain reasons, to discover this dynamic faculty and got in touch with the flexibility and openness of its educational structure, economic policies, amazing opportunities for double degrees and exchange programmers with its partner Universities across the world and since, all my expectations have been met.

More surprisingly, almost all the subjects in this semester are given in my preferred language (English). Now to my fellow international students across the world, I am a product of skills, quality education and great opportunities from the Biology faculty. I am proud of the faculty Dean, all the professors, senior lecturers, lecturers and laboratory assistants. 

Faculty counts! Faculty matters!! Choose top faculty like Biological faculty and you will never regret!!!”

Oduro Yeboah Gabriel,

Ghanaians representative of International Student

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