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Student Volunteer Initiatives of the Institute of Philology and Journalism

Students of the Institute of Philology and Journalism do not lag behind their colleagues from other EENU faculties and institutes in their volunteering activity. Three volunteer projects have already been launched and successfully implemented by second-year students majoring in Ukrainian and Russian philology.

The students held a campaign Write a Letter to a Soldier! on the eve of St. Nicholas Day. They wrote letters to Ukrainian combatants, expressing their gratitude to the soldiers and congratulating them on the forthcoming holiday, as St. Nicholas is a patron of soldiers. In addition to the letters, the students put coffee sticks, books of Ukrainian poetry and icons of St. Nicholas into envelopes. The first bunch of letters (60 pcs.) has been delivered to the addressees who pass their gratitude and hearty greetings to all those who contributed to this small but very important initiative.

Then the students took another step. They held a fundraising cause to purchase medications for the soldiers who had treatment in the Volyn psychiatric clinic. The volunteers collected UAH 1,021 within a few days. However, it was decided that the money should be spent for purchasing medications for a volunteer soldier, Maidan activist, father of four children, from Volodymyr-Volynskyi.

Our philologically-minded students could not but created a small library in the clinic. We also express gratitude to many other EENU students for their collecting books. The books have already been delivered to the soldiers in the clinic.

The end of the event and the beginning of winter examinations do not mean that it’s time for volunteers to “go on vacation” anyway. The war in Ukraine’s east has not stopped yet, so our defenders still need our support, aid and faith in their victory. Thus, we continue our Write a Letter to a Soldier! campaign and call on everybody to participate. Please find a minute to thank our brave and fearless defenders! They have to know that the people of Ukraine are with them and really appreciate what they do for all of us, as they put their lives at risk.

Remember, little people can do great things! Finally, I would like to quote one of the soldiers we had a talk with in the clinic: “You can’t even imagine what these little things mean to us there!”

Do good to others!

Iryna Denysiuk

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