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Oleksandr Irvanets’ and His Stunning Fiction

Mr. Irvanets’ came to Lutsk with the presentation of two books. The first one is a book of poems The Songs of War, and the second one is his translation of the play The Highest Buildings, The Deepest Graves by Janusz Głowacki. The Songs of War is the 26th author's collection of works, and The Highest Buildings, The Deepest Graves is the 8th translation of fiction in the author's heritage.

The conversation started with the translations of the Polish plays. Why exactly were the works by Janusz Głowacki selected? Popularity is the key, since. J. Głowacki’s plays are staged on Broadway (New York City, US) and in the Kyiv Academic Youth Theater (in The Fourth Sister).

Those who were present enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the excerpts from the play Cinders (events take place in prison for girls). Mr. Irvanets’ is proud of this translation, because he did not merely translate the play, but even created Ukrainian prison slang. His reading was artistic, humorous, ironic, and so the youth rewarded the guest with attentive listening, laughter and ovation. 

Of course, the students and teachers were able to add to their home library invaluable books by Oleksandr Irvanets’. In addition, the author made a donation to the EENU library. Now its visitors can see the artist’s brand new collections of poems and translations on one of the shelves. 

Ivanna Myslyva-Bunko