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Meet Hans Wachner, the Art Photographer from Sweden

On September 24th, the meeting with the famous Swedish art photographer, Hans Wachner, was held in the Swedish Language Center based on the Institute of Foreign Philology of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University.

Tetiana Golubchuk (graduate of the faculty of Romance-Germanic Philology of Lesya Ukrainka Volyn State University) and Zoryana Kuts (Lutsk National Technical University) were accompanying the Swedish guest. These talented girls are united not only by their creativity but they are also co-tutors for other artists’ art-projects. Thus, this year in August, Tetiana and Zoryana have organized solo exhibition for Karlos Garsia Laos, the Spanish sculptor.

The guests were presented to the young students by the Head of the Swedish Language Center – Alla Gnatiuk. Hans Wachner told that he was born near the city of Malmö, which encourages creativity with its architectural ensembles, monuments and variety of festivals held in the city.

Monochrome photography is an artist business card, which emphasizes light outlines of the figures, created by smoke. But most of his photographs are featuring the unique landscapes and natural phenomena. One of his last attempts is the work on collages which is made of photographs that shows life episodes of the famous people. Among these projects is the project “My Picasso”.

Hans Wachner presented his achievements in Kiev and Odessa, part of his photographs was exhibited in art gallery “Lutsk”. His photographs also were placed in Lutsk Art Museum.

Swedish guest liked Lutsk hospitality and delicious and fragrant coffee, which proved to be the most delicious of all the coffee he has tasted in Ukraine.

“I feel like at home because Lutsk is very similar to the town, where I live. I was extremely impressed by Ukraine and I want to create a new project, because I made more than three thousand shots of staying in Kiev, Odessa and Lutsk. I want to show them in Sweden.” – Hans shared. He also demonstrated several photographs that the students liked very much. Conversation with the photographer took place in the atmosphere of friendship and fun. The students appreciated immediacy and openness of the artist and this encouraged them to maintain the dialogue in Swedish, which they learn as the third foreign language. Hans gave the students his business cards for further cooperation and promised to visit our university again.           


Translation: Oksana Yasinska,

the Associate Professor of the Institute of Foreign Philology

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