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Lutsk in the Fate of Lesya Ukrainka

On February, 26th,  2015 the Lesya Ukrainka Museum in EENU solemnly opened an exhibition "City of "Hope": Lesya Ukrainka and Lutsk". The festivities were dedicated to the 144th anniversary of the poetess’ birth day and the 30th anniversary since the day of the Museum’s foundation. 

The opening speeches were made by Serhii Romanov, postdoctoral student, Assistant Professor of the Ukrainian Literature Department, Anatolii Syliuk, Head of the Volyn Museum of Local History, Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine, and Nataliia Pushkar, the main keeper of the museum funds. Anatolii Syliuk handed a Diploma of the Volyn Museum of Local Ethnography to Tetiana Danyliuk-Tereshchuk,  Director of the  Lesya Ukrainka Museum. 

During the excursion, held by Mz. Danyliuk-Tereshchuk, the audience was able to see Lutsk the wayyoung Lesya could see during her visit. Olena Biriulina, Head of the Museum of Lutsk Exaltation of the Cross Brotherhood, Olena Ohnieva, Assistant Professor of the Department of Documentation and Museum Studies, and the above mentioned Anatolii Syliuk and Nataliia Pushkar also participated in the conversation, revealing various sides of the Kosaches family life.

An hour of poetry readings "Singer of The Leading Star" was held by the participants of the Sytsvittia ("Inflorescence") Poetic Studio (head — Svitlana Kresak) — Serhii Duzhych, student of the International Relations Faculty, and the youngest readers of Lesya Ukrainka’s poetry Vladyslav Bunko, Hlib Mohilevskii and Nadiia Sakhniuk. 


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