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Lutsk and Pavlohrad Were Breaking Stereotypes Together

Within the framework of the Ukrainian-Swedish project “Breaking Down Stereotypes — Building Trust and Hope”, during December 4-6, the delegation of the third-year students of the Institute of Foreign Philology (Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University — LUEENU Lutsk, Ukraine) visited the town of Pavlohrad (Dnipropetrovsk region, Ukraine). The delegation was led by Alla Gnatiuk (the Head of the Swedish Language Centre, Foreign Languages Department for Natural Sciences and Mathematics, LUEENU). This project is organized by the Development Centre “Democracy Through Culture” (Kyiv, Ukraine) and its director Oleksandr Butsenko, municipality of Botkyrka town (Sweden) and with the support of the Swedish Institute (Sweden). Olena Shulika, Deputy Mayor of Pavlohrad responsible for activity of executive authorities is local project coordinator.

The schedule of the meeting was intense and interesting. The official part took place on Saturday, December 5, during which the guests from Lutskwere gladly received by Pavlohrad City Mayor Anatoliy Vershyna. The students became the participants of the intercultural dialogue of the conference on the international level, were the following delegates were present: Pavlohrad City Mayor Anatoliy Vershyna, Deputy Mayor of Pavlohrad responsible for activity of executive authorities Olena Shulika, Director of the Ukrainian Centre for Cultural Studies Oleksandr Butsenko,Academic Secretary of Ukrainian Centre for Cultural Studies Valentyna Demian, coordinators of the EU-Eastern Partnership Culture and Creativity Programme Nataliya Shostak and Iryna Prokofieva; director of the“Budapest Observatory”, the consultant of the Council of Europe  Péter Inkei (Hungary); professor and director of the Arts Research Institute of Ilia State University Levan Khetaguri (Georgia); sociologist, researcher Vitalie Sprînceană (Moldova); supervisor of the training educational programmes, professor Iuri Mgebrishvili (Georgia). 


During the meeting, the delegates discussed common projects for Ukraineand other participating countries in the conference, future plans, ways for achieving mutual understanding, tolerance, strengthening of international relations. Anatoliy Vershyna and Olena Shulika presented information about Pavlohrad and city cultural projects. Alla Gnatiuk narrated about the functioning of the Swedish language Centre in LUEENU. The members of the conference shared interesting ideas and experience, which will promote international cooperation in the sphere of culture, education, etc.

In terms of the 3-day visit, the LUEENU delegation acquainted with Pavlohrad cultural heritage. Namely, the students visited: Pavlohrad Historical Museum of Local Lore, were they immersed into the theatrical performance “Night in the Museum”; Cathedral of the Savior Holy Face; the Palace of Creative Work for Children and Youth; city culture and leisure centre “MYR” (“PEACE”);the centres of creative music ensembles, Central City Children’s Library; Euroclub “Europe Plus” in Secondary School of General Education №17 (ZOSh №17), youth centre “Funduk” (“Hazelnut”), the centre of youth communication “Positive Pavlohrad”.

The receiving side involved Lutsk delegation in the numerous interactive youth activities: project “Positive Weekend – Children’s Clothing Exchange”, rock-n-roll workshop with dance-club “Vostorg” (“Delight”) – choreography in Pavlohrad style, watching and discussing documentaries, project “Intercultural Lounge”, the evening of the board games, workshop in decorating ginger cookies. The guests from Lutskgot a lot of new impressions and fresh ideas. Alla Gnatiuk, in her turn, told about the possibilities that are open for young people, who study foreign languages at LUEENU and about theInstitute ofForeign Philology. The day was closed with the concert of folk-rock band “Angagement na Vivtorok” (“Angagement on Tuesday”) and festive creative party of the youth centres.

On December 6, the Day of Armed Forces of Ukraine, the delegates took part in the ceremony of laying flowers at the Monuments of the War for Independence of Ukraine and at the Memorial Board of the Deceased Soldiers of ATO. Both the representatives ofLutskand Pavlohrad nicely surprised the national militaries of army unit 3024, visiting them with congratulations on their professional day. The girls presented the soldiers with the cards and the poster, which they drew themselves, and promised to send letters for supporting our soldiers. The militaries confessed that the meetings of such kind are extremely valuable and motivating for them.

Before leaving to Lutskand saying goodbye to Pavlohrad, Volyn guests acknowledged that they were deeply impressed by the happy and positive atmosphere of the host city. Sincerity, care, love and hospitality of the city dwellers and their representatives: Anatoliy Vershyna, Olena Shulika, Larysa Babicheva, Vadym Shalskui, Tetiana Vedmid, Svitlana Chumachenko,Mykola Mohylnui, Olena Tytova, Liudmyla Geimor, participants of the youth centres “Funduk” (“Hazelnut”), “Positive Pavlohrad”, Euroclub “Europe Plus” (ZOSh №17), as well as other organizers and participants of the meeting will always stay in their hearts. 

Alla Gnatiuk,

the Head of the Swedish Language Centre, senior lecturer

of Foreign Languages Department for Natural Sciences and Mathematics Majors

Photo: Vadym Shalskyi

Video: Myroslava Babik

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