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An lecture hall named after Roman Artsyshevsky was opened at the University

On July 9, 2020, a lecture hall in the main building of Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University was opened on the occasion of Roman Artsyshevsky birthday, Professor, Doctor of Philosophy, and the member -correspondent of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine.


The opening ceremony was attended by the Rector of the University, Doctor of Physical Education and Sports, Professor Anatolii Tsos, member-correspondent of the Ukrainian Academy of Historical Sciences, Professor Hennadii Bondarenko, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Associate Professor Valentyna Iliashenko, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor Petro Klish, Candidate of Philosophical Sciences Olena Artsyshevska and the department staff.




Roman Artsyshevsky began his scientific and pedagogical activity at Lesya Higher Educational Institution in August 1979 as a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Political Economy and Philosophy. For him, as he remembered, "a new great and perhaps the most important period in life began." During his thirty-seven years of creative activity at the University he defended his doctoral dissertation, opened the Republican Center for Worldview Education of Youth, on the basis of which the Institute of Social Sciences was established later, published more than two hundred scientific works, including a large number of textbooks, handbooks and monographs. Roman Antonovych's scientific heritage is aimed at the philosophical comprehension of Human as the highest value of existence. Generally speaking, Roman Artsyshevsky can be called the Socrates of Volyn, because the concept of worldview education of young people developed by him reveals the most important factors in shaping a person's worldview, beliefs, life position, ideals and values. "Our biographies," wrote Roman Artsyshevskyi, "do not consist foremost of some external events of our lives, but are written by our deeds."



Everyone who were present at the opening of the lecture hall noted in their speeches the invaluable contribution of Roman Antonovych to the development of science and the University and to the education of students. It was noted that Roman Artsyshevsky was an extraordinary, extremely wise and decent prson, a man of great service who is worth remembering, studying and following his example. "When we remember our great teachers," said Rector Anatolii Tsos, "we preserve our best traditions."



Holding events to honor famous scientists, teachers and university staff contributes to the development of the cult of science and education, which is important not only for contemporaries but also for future generations.

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