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Institute of Foreign Philology Holds a Charity Auction to Raise Money for Our Soldiers

The Institute of Foreign Philology Student Front earned money creatively again to support our soldiers. This time an auction of handmade goods was held. It brought some holiday spirit into our Alma Mater. 

Our country is living in a permanent fundraising regime for over a year. At first, it was helmets and medicine for Maidan, then it was treatment of the injured, then a help for ATO soldiers. This phenomenon is gradually becoming commonplace, and public attention to these needs is losing its edge. That is why it is necessary to stimulate it by holding some events from time to time. 

Winter holidays are coming, and it is time to hold a charity fair or auction, make some money to help those who, regrettably, cannot spend these days with their families, and also give people the opportunity to surprise their loved ones with extraordinary gifts. Handiworks are ideally suited for this: they are unique, warm, they have a special spirit, they delight the eye and create a holiday atmosphere in our hearts and homes.

 At a charity auction, many handiworks designed  in ethnic patterns were presented. These were motankas (reeled dolls), beautiful reeled nanny-goats, Christmas decorations made of salt dough, and hand-painted T-shirts. And of course, national symbols were also present: blue-and-yellow friendship bracelets made of threads and of beads, earrings and pendant made of polymer clay, modernized T-shirt with a schematic image of a real Ukrainian in embroidery. The refugees from Crimea have also supported the auction with their excellent handiworks. They provided the auction with beaded jewelry, woven children's clothes, decorations and magnets made of salt dough, toys made of fleece and mosaic magnets. 

The idea arose spontaneously. First, the auction participants held workshops on making motankas (the instructor was Larysa Pavlenko, Associate Professor of History and Culture of Ukrainian Language Department from the Institute of Philology and Journalism). They planned to sell them somehow and use the received funds to help the ATO soldiers. But a question arouse: how could they implement this event? What leapt to their mind was to hold an auction. 

Preparing for the auction, they have involved so many people, including students and graduates of the Institute, refugees from Crimea, and simply their friends, for whom handmade is both hobby and work. Therefore, the sincerest thanks to Maryna Tkachova, Alim Saidametov, Larysa Pavlenko, Ilmira Khalitova, Anzhela Ablayeva, Kateryna Revniuk, Olena Kotys, Halyna Hadzhyohlova, Marharyta Zhuikova, the Goriayinovs family, Nataliia Olishkevych, Halyna Drozd, Solomiia Lapchenko, Anna Storonska, Nastia Shpyha, Khrystyna Esanova, Nastia Chuprun and Kulka-Bulka Lutsk Studio. 

Special thanks to Anna Levchuk, Vice-Dean of the Institute of Foreign Philology; Oleksandr Lazuka, Acting Head of the Student Union Bureau of the Institute of Foreign Philology; and first-year students of the Applied Linguistics for their invaluable assistance in arranging the auction.

 Owing to the participation and support of all these and many other wonderful people, particularly those, who bought those goods, advertised the event, invited friends and colleagues on December, 11th,  UAH3,515 were raised. The money is intended  to be used primarily to help the ATO soldiers and patients of the Lutsk military hospital. However, not all goods were sold, so soon they  will be exposed for sale in social media. Thus, those who missed the event will have an opportunity to help the organizers and buy cute Christmas gifts for their loved ones. Please follow the official communities of the IIF Student Front on Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Studentskyy-front-IIF/1478082325778666 ) and Vkontakte ( https://vk.com/club77064920 ).  

Viktoriia BRUTSKA, 

Applied Linguistics Master Candidate, Institute of Foreign Philology

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