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CW Lundberg Offers Job Opportunities

On March 14, Lesya Ukrainka Eastern European National University was visited by Bengt Lundberg, export manager of Swedish company CWLundbergAB, and his assistant Erik Liljengren. The main purpose of the visit was to inform Swedish-studying students about job opportunities in this company, as well as in the other Swedish and European enterprises.

The meeting was organized by Alla Gnatiuk, the Head of the Swedish Language Centre, senior lecturer of Foreign Languages Department for Natural Sciences and Mathematics Majors.

Bengt Lundberg showed presentation about CWL company, which specializes on manufacturing of roof safety products. CW Lundberg AB is already an important enterprise on the North European market. Now the company is aiming at broadening its activity and creating new network in Poland, Ukraine and Germany. As the guest mentioned: “Network – is an important part of business”.

After the presentation, Bengt Lundberg was glad to give answers to all the questions of young people and gave them his business cards.

The students received both new job opportunities and much inspiration to continue studying Swedish. 




Master’s degree student of the Faculty of International Relations

Translation: Alla Gnatiuk,

Photo: Alina POKOTYLO

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