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“Actual problems of fundamental science” – APFS’2017

Ukrainian and European Physical Socities

Lesya Ukrayinka East European National University



First Announcement



“Actual problems of fundamental science” APFS’2017

June 01 -05, 2017, Lutsk-Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE


Dedicated to the memory of Norman Robert Campbell and Errol E. Harris


The Workshop is organized by the Ukrainian and European Physical Societies, the Ukrainian Philosophical Society, the Ukrainian Mathematical Society, the Ukrainian Chemical Society, Shevchenko Scientific Society, the Ukrainian Society for Optical Engineering, Lesya Ukrayinka East European National University, Brest Technical University, Gdanska Polytechnica, Ivan Franko Lviv National University, Lvivska Polytechnika, Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, Yan Dlugosh University, Ryga Technical University, Lutsk National Technical University.


The topics to be covered during the scientific session are as follows:

1.   Fundamental problems of physics, chemistry and ecology.

2.   Fundamental problems of mathematics, cybernetics and computer science.

3.   Fundamental problems of  biology and medicine.

4.  Problems of science evolution; synthesis and appearance of new sciences and knowledge.

Basic working languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish

The scientific program of the Workshop will include oral and poster presentation


International Program Committee  Anatoliy V. Svidzinskii, Honorary Chair, Ukraine; Petro Trokhimchuck, chair, Ukraine; asyl’. Sakhnyuk, scientific secretary, Ukraine; Volodymyr Adamiv, Ukraine;  Mikhail A. Aleksandrov, Russia-Spain; Anatoliy Andrushchak, Ukraine; Ion Apostol, Romania;; Myroslav Batenchuk, Germany; Ivan Ye. Barchiy, Ukraine; Nikolay N. Bogolyubov (Jr.), Russia; Ivan Bolesta, Ukraine; Aleksander Cherezov, Russia; Anatoliy O. Fedorchuk, Ukraine; Ppetro M.Fochuk, Ukraine; Vitaliy Fourman, Ukraine; Ivan Grygorchak, Ukraine;  Roman Hamernyk, Ukraine; Yuriy Holovatch, Ukraine; Volodymyr Holovatsky, Ukraine; Volodymyr Hrabovskiy, Ukraine; Lyubomyr Hulay, Ukraine; Aleksey Ivanov, Belorussia; Eugene Kapuścik, Poland; Anatoliy Karas’, Ukraine; Vadim Karzanov, Russia; Vaydotas Kazћukauskas, Lithunia; Oleg Yu.Khyzhun, Ukraine; Sergiy Kostyukevich, Ukraine; Vadym S. Krysachenko  , Ukraine; Ihor Polovynko, Ukraine; Hanna Lassowsky, USA; Aleksander Loshakov, Russia; Yaroslav Lozovyy, USA; V. F. Lukichev, Russia;  Oleksandr Makarenko, Ukraine; Valeriy Makhniy, Ukraine; Vladimir Makin, Russia; Myroslav Makoviychuck, Russia; Vyacheslav Maslov, Ukraine; Arthur Medvids,  Latvia; Stepan Mudryy, Ukraine; Leonid Muravskiy, Ukraine; Anatoliy M. Negriyko, Ukraine; Victor S. Nedzvedsky, Turkey-Ukraine; Michal Piasecki, Poland; Vladimir Polishchuk, Russia; Anatoliy Prikarpatsky, Ukraine-Poland; Kostantin Rusakov, Belorussia-Poland; Petro Saukh, Ukraine; Marlan O. Scully, USA; Yaroslsav Shopa, Ukraine-Poland; Oleg Y. Shpotiuk, Ukraine-Poland; Vasiliy N.  Shut’, Belorussia; Aleksander N. Spaskov, Belorussia; Natalia Strekal’, Belorussia; Anatoliy Svidzinskiy, USA;  Ufuk Taneri,  Northern Cyprus; Ion Tiginyanu, Moldova; Ivan Tsekhmistro, Ukraine; Ivan Tsymbalyuk, Ukraine; Mykola M. Vakiv, Ukraine; Yulian M. Vysochanskiy, Ukraine; YuriyYaremko, Ukraine; Volodymyr O. Yuhymchuk, Ukraine; Vladimir A. Yurevich, Belorussia;

Local Organizing Committee Ihor Kotsan, chair, Ukraine; Yuriy Kharkevych, vice-chair, Ukraine; Oleg Parasyuk, vice-chair, Ukraine; Dmytro Shvalikovskiy, scientific secretary, Ukraine; Ihor Balaban, Ukraine; Oleg Biruk, Ukraine; Volodymyr Bozhko, Ukraine;  Sergiy Danyl’chuk, Ukraine; Iryna Dmytruk, Ukraine; Sergiy Fedosov, Ukraine; Andriy Kevshyn,  Ukraine; Galyna Myronchuk, Ukraine; Mykola Bogdanyuk, Ukraine; Sergiy Gayday, Ukraine; Volodymyr Halyan, Ukraine; Mykola Holovin, Ukraine; Nina Holovina, Ukraine; Volodymyr Holoviy, Ukraine; Mykola Khvyshchun, Ukraine; T. Klymuk, Ukraine; Yuriy Koqut, Ukraine;  Leonid Kondratyk, Ukraine;  Zholt Kormosh, Ukraine; Andriy Krymus’, Ukraine; Vyacheslav Kuporov, Ukraine; Oleksandr Makhanets, Ukraine; Anna Makhnovets, Ukraine; I. Mazurets, Ukraine; Viktor Mykhaylyuk, Ukraine; Oleksiy Novosad, Ukraine; Ivan Olekseyuk, Ukraine; Oleksandr Pastukh, Ukraine; Lyudmyla Piskach, Ukraine; Volodymyr Polyakov, Ukraine; Andriy Poruchynskiy, Ukraine; Hanna Shavarova, Ukraine; Arsen Shutowskiy, Ukraine; Pavlo Shygorin, Ukraine; Yaroslav Stepanyuk, Ukraine; Alina Tretyak, Ukraine; Petro Trokhimchuck, Ukraine;  Bohdan Venhryn, Ukraine; Sergiy Volgin, Ukraine, Dmytro Zakharchuk, Oksana Zamuruyeva.




The materials of the Workshop will be published in Bulletin of East European National University and International Scientific Journal semiconductor physics, quantum electronics & optoelectronics. Text of full reports must be represented to 15.05.2017.


Location - rest base “Hart” of Lesya Ukrayinka East European National University, Lake “Svityaz’”, Volyn’ Region, Ukraine. More detail information will be represented in 2-nd Announcement.



The publication fee for foreign participants is 10 euro for one abstract



The registration fee for foreign participants is 50 euro.

The registration fee includes excursion inLutsk, travelLutsk- Hart, coffee break.

The registration fee can be paid together with Publication fee or during registration.



For foreign participants :


IBAN: UA513052990005168757271498323

ACCOUNT: 5168757271498323










Basic working languages – English, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish




The abstract (maximum 4 A4 pages) shall be prepared in Microsoft Office Word 2010 and its earlier versions and edited using the guidelines below:

In the left-hand upper corner of the page – UDC identifier (standard font, 12 pts);

Next line then give THE TITLE OF THE ABSTRACT (centered, in capital letter, semi-bold 14 pts);

Next line the name of the author (first name, last name, centered, semi-bold 12 pts);

Next line – the author’s place of work (study), email (centered, standard 12 pts);

Leave one empty line and the body of your abstract should then follow (full justification, standard 12 pts, 1.5 interval without hyphenation).

Leave one empty line and follow with References (centered, compiled in the order of cited works, 9 pts).

Margins: all margins 25 mm.

The main test should be indented from left by 7.5 mm.


ABSTRACT DUE DATE: April 15, 2017


To be considered for acceptance, you may

send abstract via electronic mail to: apfs2017@ukr.net

P. P. Trokhimchuck,LesyaUkrayinkaEastEuropeanNationalUniversity, Voly av.13, Department of the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics



For further information please contact

P. P. Trokhimchuck,LesyaUkrayinkaEastEuropeanNationalUniversity, Department of the Theoretical and Mathematical Physics

13, Voly av.,Lutsk, 43025,Ukraine

Phone +380 (3322) 4-91-67, 4-92-61

Mobile phone: +380974421766

E-mail: apfs2017@ukr.net

Fax: +380 (3322) 4-10-07


Addition 1. Example of preparation report for the publication

Date and time of the event: 
Thursday, 1 June, 2017 - 09:00
Monday, 5 June, 2017 - 19:00
Event location: 
Lutsk-Lake “Svityaz’”, UKRAINE
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